Invest in Your Learning: Let’s Learn!

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Anyone who studies textiles is very lucky! This is because it is a brilliant subject that is really interesting, but also because it is all around us all of the time. That means it is really easy to learn about and revise textiles because we see, use and interact with textiles products every minute of every day. This helps us to think about them, analyse them, evaluate them, and understand them. 

Invest in yourself

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It can be difficult to motivate ourselves to work hard. It takes time and effort and it often seems like there are better things you could be doing! 

Try to see the bigger picture beyond your current life; what type of life would you like in 2 years time? In 5 years? 10 years? What type of career? What type of person do you want to be? 

You don’t need to have clear answers to any of these questions but they can be a useful starting point to helping you think about how you currently approach your studies. 

We often see the work we are set at school or college as a chore with little point. We do the work because teachers tell us to and many students forget the purpose of studying is for ourselves and not for the teacher. Whilst your teacher may be pleased if you do well, you are the only real person who benefits from your hard work (or who loses out for the lack of hard work!). 

It is therefore important to remember that by working hard you are investing in yourself and your future. 

Get lost in the world of textiles!

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Your studies will be a lot easier if you fully immerse yourself and don’t just see textiles as something you do for a couple of hours a week in the textiles room at school or college. 

Textiles are all around us and it is therefore easy to immerse yourself in textiles and to show an interest beyond your lessons. By doing this you build up a familiarity that means you are learning and thinking about textiles without realising it. All of this will help with your studies. Think about the following things you can do to get lost in the world of textiles:

Things you can do to help you do well in your textiles studies

  • Keep a sketchbook. Click here for more information on how to do this. 
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  • Think about textiles for 5 minutes a day by doing #ThinkDo activities. You can find these here or by following Instagram . Why not set up accounts of your own to showcase your own textile photos and ideas. 
  • Watch out for tv programmes featuring textiles. This can be programmes directly related to textiles or could be things such as costume dramas where you can focus on the history of fashion.
  • Go shopping! Don’t just shop, look at products, how are they made, what are they made of, how could you improve the design?
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  • Read books and magazines on textiles
  • Visit museums, galleries and other places where different textiles are showcased.
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  • Don’t just think about textiles; think about design generally as it links to and inspires textiles 

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